Thursday, June 22, 2006

Carl's Courts

Anonymous: BJ, there were two Carls courts He owned one over by Shell Lake or almost to Shell Lake.
Anonymous said...
I have a lot of memories of Carl's Courts. I don't remember it ever looking like these drawings. It was always painted white. This picture confuses me. It says 25 miles west of Memphis, 25 miles east of Forrest City. What's the deal? Is this a different Carl's Courts?Anyway, Nancy and Dora and I did a lot of sunbathing next to the little pool at Carl's Courts on Broadway next to the Flanagin house. But, the strangest thing I remember was the year we had a really hard freeze and the pool water froze over so thick Dora and I actually walked on it.Don Edmondson ran the office for his dad then. He was cute and cool and never batted an eye when Nancy and I switched bathing suits in the pool one gray day when no one else was there. We went into the office just to see if he would notice. He just shook his head at us. 7/1/06
Anonymous said...
BJ this is you! We did stay over there a lot and Don was so cute. Do you remember us sneaking around and smoking a cigg? thing is you quit and I didnt! 7/4/06

Anonymous said...
When Don and his first wife, Doris Ann, got married, they lived in a small apartment at the motel...she was my second grade teacher and they would invite me to spend the night sometimes. Boy, that sounds like something Opie's teacher, Helen Crump,would do! Times have sure changed...I'm a teacher now and I cannot imagine having a student spend the night at my house. What would I be accused of?! 7/13/06

Jeannie said...
I learned to swim there. Mr. Carl attended our church and I loved Mrs. Hazel and him very much. The story is told that one day I jumped off of the diving board and, being only 2 years old, Mr. Carl ran outside yelling, "Get that baby! Get that baby!" My mother just laughed as Mr. Carl peered into the water and watched with amazement as I swam through the water like a tadpole!By the way...everyone had a crush on Don Edmonson! I think we all still do. 7/22/06

Butch Ford said...
The Edmondsons live down the street from us in Edgewood. Mr. and Mrs. Edmondson were really nice people. They lived in one of the biggest and coolest houses in the neighborhood. Their son, Don, had a '55 Chevy convertible. I think I was in maybe the 5th or 6th grade. I thought he was just about the coolest guy in the universe. It was a case of genuine hero worship. One hot day, I rode my bike down that way and Don was working in his parent's yard. I stopped to talk and he "Tom Sawyered" me into helping him weed the flower beds on each side of the driveway. If you ever noticed, the house sat waaaaaay back from the street. So, the flower beds were twice as long as the looooong driveway. I gladly helped him weed those beds. After it the work was finished, we got in his cool car (with the top down) and he took me down to the Dairy Queen and bought me a milkshake and a hamburger. Years later, when I was visiting my Dad, he called Don and we went over to see his really, really cool house over the hill from Dad's house. He was very gracious in giving us a complete tour of the house but he didn't remember the flower bed thing. 7/25/06


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BJ, there were two Carls courts He owned one over by Shell Lake or almost to Shell Lake.

Fri Aug 11, 07:55:00 PM 2006  

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