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Sunday Fuzz Buzz February 8, 2009

HIGH SCHOOL MUSTANGS SIGN: Several members of the Class of 1960, including an officer of the class, remember that the sign was a gift of the Class of 1960. Naturally I recommend the best way to finally resolve the question is for someone to help us out with something documentary--a news article perhaps? Anyone else have anything to help?
Anonymous sent this comment on 2/8/09:
Look for a photo of the school in your earliest Annual. Earliest one I have is '62 and, of course, the sign is there. Or perhaps someone who still lives in FC can go take a look. Surely there is a plaque on the sign designating which Senior Class made the donation to the school.
Great idea..anyone have a 1961 annual with a picture of the sign out front?
Anyone living in or visiting FC that can go by and check the sign?
Maybe a member of the current school board could check for any records and let us know?
CLASS OF 67 AND 68 REUNION: JULY 2007. Hard for me to believe that it has been so long and I have not yet posted these but better late than never (I think that's theme of this blog). Surely others have more pictures and better to contribute? We had a wonderful time and I hope we do the joint reunion thing again. The hometown people always get the thankless burden of making arrangements for everyone's enjoyment and I know I join everyone in thanking those who stepped up to the plate, like Jimmy Hargraves and Jim Machen, who rallied the "usual suspects" to get the ball rolling. We always miss people who didn't hear about it but we do try. If you drop in at Peach Fuzz we try to get out the word. I'll post of few of these at a time.

Class of 68: Sallie Bridgforth & brave husband who came from Arizona. Sallie is the comptroller of the Dial Corporation.
(R) Jim and Linda Rosica Machen who worked hard on the reunion.

All Class of 67 except for Rosemary Hargraves. Libby Long, Jimmy Hargraves, Mary Machen

I'm going to get into trouble here because I can't identify everyone. That's Al Harris and Paul Gibson (both Class of 67) standing on left (light is above Paul's head). I think Paul must have come the greatest distance, from California near San Francisco where he is a social worker in public health.

Sula McAuley (68), David Burris & Mark Gatling (67)

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Sunday Fuzz Buzz February 1, 2009

Ooops! The picture of FCHS was not made in 1931...It had the label 1931 on it which must have meant it was built in 1931?

Another Ooops! Due to having to work all weekend I don't have a post ready today...hopefully will have one up tomorrow. Thanks for checking in. Sula
Anonymous left a message 2/1/09
Right about the dates! That Mustang sign was placed on campus in the early 60's I think, purchased by a senior class but I don't remember which class ~ maybe '62 or '63?
...the sign in front was donated by the Class of '62

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Sunday Fuzz Buzz January 25, 2009

HIGH SCHOOL 1931. I have forgotten who sent these but they are wonderful. Just about the way I remember it in 1968.

Van Louis McDaniel
Miss Arkansas 1948

Here's an email message we got...
I'm looking for Peggy. I'm an old friend from Palacios, Tx.
Thanks, Mark J. Serna .

Are you out there Peggy?

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Sunday Fuzz Buzz January 18, 2009

Anonymous left a new comment on "Homegrown Pairs":
Becky Ragland and Larry Evans

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Sunday Fuzz Buzz January 11, 2009

Rosemary Hargraves Cianciolo left a new comment on post "Hangouts: The Hargraves' Home":

It's so great to hear that folks remember my family. My dad was so very special. My Mom left Forrest City 7 years ago and moved to Hot Springs to be near my brother, Bobby. She had only been there a few months when Bobby suffered a heart attack and passed away. Mama is still there and is a very lovely, interesting 93 year old. My brother Jimmy is the only one of us left in FC. He's the EVP at First National Bank of Eastern Arkansas, married to Susan Pollard and is the father of two teenagers.Chi Chi is still in Washington and is still tiny, pretty and sophisicated. She worked in the Carter and Clinton administration and is still doing some work for the D.C. arts.I'm in Memphis with my husband Michael and our son Mark and daughter Carley. I'm a financial manager for Daimler (parent of Mercedes Benz) - - great company cars!
Really wonderful to get your post, Rosie.
Below is a continuation of generous contributions by Walter Cox who took the time to scan and share these articles in the Emissary. I had forgotten this fun and creative yearly tradition.Thanks so much.

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Sunday Fuzz Buzz January 4, 2009

Monday, Dec. 29, 2008
Hello fellow FCHS Students,

At the present time I am working on a project to list all the classes of FCHS Grads over the years, looking for old annuals to scan, and put online, like the 1957, and other information on the different Classes since FCHS was born like the class pictures taken by O'Dell for 1958 and 1959 online. You can mail to me, or scan for me and I will put them online. If you mail, I promise to return them to you!
See what I have so far at:
See 1957 Annual online at:
See at

For instance, does anyone know when it came into existence. The previous high school was known as the Crowley Ridge Institute, and was located on the present First Baptist Church property in Forrest City.

I love keeping up with all the submissions to the FC Blog.

Paul V. Isbell-Class of 1958
I love what you are doing, Paul. I have been working on writing a story for about a year now linking together some genealogical research and some tidbits from your work. I discovered how my family came to Forrest City. We had a Civil War Veteran ancestor from Virginia (an officer who went to VMI pre-war and survived Gettysburg) settle in the area not too long after the War ended. Several of his siblings joined him in the Forrest City area in the 1880's. The Hatchers (David, Ben, Belle, Ellen and 2 others ended up in the Jonesboro area). His half-sister was Belle Hatcher who married Judge Eugene Rolfe in F.C. I knew her as my much loved Aunt Nannie and she died well into her 90's when I was a kid. She talked about coming to Arkansas from Virginia on a stage coach after the War. It's been an amazing journey to start out with only that memory and be able to trace her family back to Virginia, to find a letter her mother wrote before the Civil War and before Nannie was even born-- and to end up tracing the arrivals to St. Francis county and following the trail to the present day. I'm not sure I could have done it without some of the work you are doing so I'm very grateful. Sula McAuley - Class of '68

Dec 31, 2008
Many thanks to Walter Cox, Fayetteville, Class of '60. for sending excerpts from this 1960 "Senior Edition" of ... (on which I proudly served '66- '68)

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Sunday Fuzz Buzz 12-28-08

In Memory of...
Yvonne Free, Class of 63, who passed away in May 2005 of cancer. Yvonne was married to me for 41 years, 1 month and 5 days. Yvonne is survived by myself and our two sons, Greg and Jeff, all of whom live in the West Memphis/Marion area. Yvonne was a registered nurse, working full time for Methodist Central in Memphis and part-time at Crittenden Hospital in West Memphis. Religion, family, friends and patients were the focus of her life.

Joyce Bowman, Class of 64, has passed away also. I do not remember what year. If you have a copy of the newsletter from the last reunion, the information is in it.

I am enjoying the web site.
Glenn Masengale, Class of 64
Good to hear from you, Glenn, and may precious memories bring you comfort.
Re Merry Christmas entry: That would be Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring if she is with Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody-- Anonymous.
Oh you are right! I didn't want to be Pocahontas until about 3rd grade. As I recall, she was the first female explorer I can remember learning about and later I wanted to be Margaret Meade.

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Merry Christmas!

Pocahontas does her make-up for Buffalo Bob


Ollie Warren & Claire (Kenyon)Warren
Christmas, 12th Grade, 1959

I'd love to post your childhood Christmas photo. Please send to

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Sunday Fuzz Buzz 12-20-08

Monday, December 15, 2008
I believe that this is the Vandiver's Grocery Little League Team from Forrest City that my dad coached about 1955. I'm number 8. Can you identify them all? Those were the days.
Ron Davidson

Comments below are from Butch Ford, Dec. 16, 2008:
This was for the second year of Little League in Forrest City. So, it appears that the attached photo is of the 1955 Little League All-Stars. (Not sure, but that's probably the National League All-Stars). Their names are:

Front Row/ Left to Right: Joe McCowan, David Deaderick, Collie Walker, Ron Davidson, Richie McCullough, Billy Lieblong, Sid Fogg, Pinky McCullough

Back Row/ Left to Right: Johnnie Alderson, Lynn Stockton, Bill Clark, Larry Todd, Ray Patterson, Richard Trail

I got a call from Billy Lieblong today.

He says ... that there was only one All-Star team and that it played the team with the best record. Kind of tough that the members of the league champion weren't included on the All-Star team. That was never one of my worries in life, especially in baseball.


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Sunday Fuzz Buzz 12/13/08

Sent: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 12:45 pm
I’ve really enjoyed reading the fantastic stories of growing up in Forrest City. Having grown in Forrest City (1969-1978), I would love to see more stories and photos featuring the time period I absolutely cherish. It had been years since I had seen the old movie theatre. I would love to see the old Rock Island train shed on Front street and photos of the old ball park off of Dawson road. Though I’m 40 now, I could go on and on about a youngster attending Primary and Central schools, surviving the tornado of 74’ or seeing Star Wars at the old theatre. My generation grew up with Chris and Craig Morledge, Hank and Ann Collins, Ed Jackson, B. Scott Duke, Roger Stipe and Rusty Trail.

Here’s one story I will never forget but many have…..

During the mid-70’s McDonald’s finally came to our little town. In celebration of the grand opening, a parade was held from I believe the Forrest City Civic Center to the current McDonald’s location. Growing up in Washington Heights, we were able to cut through the thicket of bushes behind Bill and Billie Couch’s home to watch the parade. Our viewing spot was almost right across the street from Calvary Christian School and Clarence and Nan Montgomery’s home.

As a 7 year old, I couldn’t wait to see all of my favorite characters from McDonald Land. Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese and my purple favorite, Grimace. Now here’s where’s hearsay, gossip and what I actually saw came into question. Apparently, the person inside the Grimace costume had been drinking. All I remember is Grimace never officially making to our spot on the parade route. Another vision burned into my memory, Grimace being escorted towards the back of an awaiting police car while in costume down by the old Kerr McGee gas station.

Surely, I’m not the only one that remembers this?
----Mike Worthy, Little Rock,

Welcome Mike- great to hear from you...hope you'll share some more stories! I remember some of those purple Grimace's around F.C. when I was a child-- mostly at the Country Club or singing around my mother's hammond organ.
From: Paulette Fancher
Sent: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 9:59 pm
Subject: Thanks a bunch!!
So glad you're back! Will be looking for more memories from FCHS classmates! Ok, Butch, let's load 'er up! I've heard so many great comments from friends about this blog and there are even a few "outsiders" that have loved reading about our lives in FC! Let's keep it up--and Sula, did you get everyones e-mail address like you requested? Let me know!
I have started loading up a new email address list based on my personal list and yours...if you add any new ones, forward to me. Anyone who wants someone to get a message from the blog to come visit us -- just send it.
Sent: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 9:22 amSubject: Class of 1960
Thanks to everyone who has put this blog together. I have many fond memories of my days at FCHS and the blog has brought back many which I had forgotten. I had forgotten about my newspaper article about sportsmanship which is on the blog. It also brought back memories of my going to Wynne High School and speaking to the student body about sportsmanship the week of the big football game that year with Wynne.

However, I seem to have been forgotten in that I was not included in the graduating class of 1960, nor was I included in the list of guys who attended Boy's State. There is a picture in the 1960 Corral which shows me wearing a Boys State tee shirt. I remember "running" for attorney general at Boy's State and in my required speech, I told a joke which I thought was funny at the time; however, the officials didn't think so and I was made to clean up the dining room that night as punishment. I can still remember the joke and the mess which I had to clean up.

I still see some of the 1960 graduates at Booger Montgomery's home in Benton County and hope we have another reunion soon.

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas to every one.

Walter B. Cox, Fayetteville, AR

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Sunday Fuzz Buzz 12/6/08

We have several great messages that were left back in 2007 that have been added to some of the comment sections. These are hard to find because they are posted at the end of a zillion entries. So I decided to make a weekly column each Sunday that will include all the messages that have come in for the week. These will be in addition to special entries. And those folks who follow the blog won't have to guess when something new is coming up...for sure there should be something every Sunday on the Buzz...Thanks for your messages...I feel the love!
12/5/08 You've been missed! Here's part of your group hug!
Get 'er up and running, 18 months is a long time to wait.
Sorry about your wrist ~ glad it's ok now.
One suggestion (for us old folks with fading memories), when you identify people in photos would you include last names (maiden names for the women) because the ole' eyes are beginning to fail now too (or maybe we are all just starting to look so stinkin' old!).
Glad you're back!
Joan (Tuliback) Miller
Class of '65
Thanks Joan-- That's Jan Greene, Dora Flanagin, Annette Vaccaro and Sula McAuley.
12/5/08 Butch sent an email: "Yahoooo I got through!!!!" and he said Freddy Swan sent him a photo with a Commercial Appeal article and asked that it be put on the blog. It's a pix of Freddy and Ron Davdison at the peach shed...coming soon!
Joan (Tuliback) Miller said...
I don't think Sula is EVER coming back . . .
Tue Apr 29, 05:05:00 PM 2008

Anonymous said...
Sula, Sula, Sula! Where are you darlin'? We miss your leadership and your unyielding strength at keeping this blog-thing going. I check it every day and there's the same photo of some bejeweled dude putting the grab on two pretty women. I actually recognize two of them. One is the younger sister of my old friend, Chee Chee Hargraves. Last time I saw her, she was in elementary school. And, who is that Charles Barg look-alike? I would have lost a bet if I hadn't seen Charles recently at Booger's house. Come back, Sula. Come back!I forgot my password.Butch Ford
Fri Sep 26, 10:01:00 AM 2008
Paul Gibson said...
THANK YOU so much Sula (aka "Administrator")for creating and maintaining the Peach Fuzz Chronicles! A LOT of people have enjoyed many hours here thanks to your dedication and commitment. This is a most unique site. I have shared it with many friends in California and elsewhere, and to a person, they are all incredibly impressed with the Blog, the closeness that all of us from FC share, and the very entertaining stories they found here.
Mon Jul 02, 06:54:00 PM 2007

Anonymous said...
Sula, the creation of the blog kept us in touch and gave us a lot of memories to talk about at our recent reunion! I heard several people talking about how much they enjoyed reading the stories and how great it was that you kept this going! The reunion was all about memories.It was a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of our ADULT lives and go back in time when life was carefree and all so innocent (maybe not totally innocent) It reminded me of how a photo can withstand time as if time stood still- this is what the reunion was like for me Going back and remembering the way it was- much like the blog helps up relive the past in written word the reunion brought it back to life again! Dora class of 68
Mon Jul 30, 02:28:00 PM 2007

Anonymous said...
I, too, would like to thank "Susie" for the Peach Fuzz Chronicles. It's been fun reading all of the comments. "Cissie"
Mon Aug 20, 11:22:00 AM 2007
Anonymous said...
Please add Warren Lincoln Lalman class of '66 died 1989 in NYC
Tue Sep 04, 02:27:00 AM 2007

Anonymous said...
For the class of 70 - there are 2 more to be listed who have passed away. Jimmy Lewis and Ricky Rice. Ricky died in the 9th grade due to complications during an appendectomy (msp)- same year and grade that Ike McCain passed away.
Thu Nov 01, 03:07:00 PM 2007

Anonymous said...
Came across this by accident. Please list my brother John as a deceased member of the class of 1970. John died in 1977 after a courageous battle with cancer. I remember the very cute cheerleaders in the 60's who practiced out on the high school lawn across from my house on Graham Street. I thought they were the greatest! Cile M. Brooks
Sun May 18, 03:31:00 PM 2008

Anonymous said...
Does anyone keep in contact with Nona Haywood? She was my neighbor for many years and I would like to reach her. Peggy Pipkin Toomey Class of '62
Sun Aug 12, 01:18:00 PM 2007
If you can help Peggy, send info to and I'll post it or if it's private info let me know and I'll tell Peggy to email me in for the info.
Anonymous said...
Don Moore and Becki McMinn, Sharon Tyer and Allen Perry
Thu Nov 01, 04:14:00 PM 2007
Turkey Joe said...
I remember Watkins so well...Had the best cake doughnuts and turkey and dressing on the planet...My favorite memory is when my grandmother came to town, and took the entire family out to eat at Watkins...After the meal she slipped my stepdad (who wasn't my favorite person in life) money to pay for the meal...He tipped the waitress $20 dollars of my grandmothers money...Was the first time and only time I ever heard her cuss...
Wed Apr 09, 12:19:00 PM 2008
Anonymous said...
John Isom, the Art Teacher at FCHS during the late 60's and early 70's was an amazing man and the first African American teacher I ever had. He was an artist in his own right - having held several one man shows in New York of his own work, but he was also the most gracious gentleman - rising above the ribbing and teasing of the bullies in our class, who had obviously taken Art because they thought it would be an easy grade. What I learned about art and art history from Mr. Isom did not really begin to resonate with me until I moved to Europe and visited the Louvre in Paris in the mid 70's and I recognized artists and intimately knew their paintings - amazing for a girl from east Arkansas.John Isom taught school during a time of much civil unrest in our town - in our world and he showed me and others what real grace and dignity is all about and for that I have always been in his debt. I can not decide what I learned most from this man - art or life, but I value both tremendously and I will never forget him.
Thu Oct 25, 12:39:00 PM 2007

I also learned a lot from Mr. Isom. This is a wonderful tribute and Amen to all of it...
fdan said...
Butch- I think you have the right teachers, but some of the wrong grades!
1st: Ms Jones and Ms Douglas
2nd: Ms Cook
3rd: Ms. Gardner
4th: Ms. Harrel
5th: Ms. Bean
6th: Ms. Hudspeth
Check it out.
Wed Oct 31, 01:40:00 PM 2007

Anonymous said...
Hello to all my Forrest City friends! It has been a long time, but thanks to the internet I now feel connected. I am so sorry I missed the Class of '67 reunion. I am sure my address was lost as I was in The Netherlands on an expatriate assignment for 3 years. I would love to have seen everyone. My email address is - please catch me up on everyone. Maybe I will make the 50th! Ruth Ware Johnson - - CA
Tue Oct 02, 07:53:00 PM 2007

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Butch Made Me Do It!

That's (R-L) Jan, Dora, Annette and Sula at the Great Class of 67-68 Reunion in July 2007.
I can't believe it has been 18 months since my last post! I moved into a fixer upper in August of 2007 and I broke my right wrist into a million pieces in Jan 2008 and had an implant-- but all has healed well now. I have a lot of catching up to do on Peach Fuzz...
Butch Ford keeps writing and urging me to get the blog going again...but he tells me he is so sick of seeing Reggie grabbing at Rosie that he is about to totally give up on me. (By the way Rosie, Butch said Chee Chee's little sis grew up lookin' good, very good)...So little by little I hope to get things going again. The email account for the blog lost all the addresses of people who sent them please send me your email and all others you can think of so I can build up the list again. Butch I hope you are not the only one who wants to see the Blog going again...I do need a group hug! Here's the new email address to send in your Blog comments and entries. If you sent me something before and it never appeared -- please forgive me and send it again:

-- the Peach Fuzz Blogger

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On Vacation

WOW ! Class of 67 and 68 had a wonderful reunion the weekend of July 20th and it went way too fast. The reunion committees worked hard and we all appreciated so much all they did to bring us together. We have lots to tell and some pictures but would like others to contribute their stories and pictures also. (Use the link on the right to email). Your Peach Fuzz Administrator is on vacation for a few weeks until she gets a new house renovated and has moved in. In the meantime, take a close look at Reggie & Co....and talk amongst yourselves until I get back. :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Peach Fuzzies!

This month we celebrate our first year anniversary!

Peach Fuzz Chronicles
Growing Up in Forrest City Arkansas
"Our Memories Live On Here..."

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Class of 67 & 68 FINAL CALL FOR JULY 20th REUNION. Last notice was sent out recently. They got back a number of wrong addresses... time's running out so if you know of a classmate that may have moved in the past few years, please ask them if they got a mailout. Blog area for Class of 67. Blog area for Class of 68.

Class of 62 is having a 45th Reunion on September 29th in Forrest City! Other classes are invited to the dance on Saturday. For details, go to the blog area for Class of 62.

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Times-Herald 1959

Sula Class of '68: Walter Ferguson sent the blog some old newspapers I am going through for us. This one I've summarized below, for Halloween 1959, especially caught my attention. My family lived in LR at the time & I recall the race relation issues that dominated the front page of this issue. More significantly for me, this issue came out just a month before my family would move to FC and bury my father and grandfather Ollie Warren, Jr. (father of Ollie III who was a senior at FCHS). On Thanksgiving weekend, they died in a private plane accident in Kentucky, taking off for LR. My great-grandparents moved to FC in the early 1900's, my grandfather was born in FC and lived his whole life there. My mother was born and raised in FC. She married my father who was from West Memphis, just 35 miles away, so my 3 siblings and I were in FC frequently from an early age. When we moved from LR to FC after the tragedy, the towns people were protective, warm, generous and loving to us in our grief--not just during the awful double funeral but for a very long time afterwards. Going through the newspaper today gave me an adult perspective of the little world that became a 9 year old girl's safe harbor. Even with its imperfections, it was a very good place to heal and grow...which I realize more as forgotten memories return, revived by the snapshots we are sharing on the blog with each other. So a big thank you to Walter and everyone reading, forwarding and contributing to keep the blog alive. So what was going on in your Forrest City childhood in October 1959? Maybe this journey back in time will inspire you too...

Forrest City Daily Times-Herald
"Every Afternoon Except Saturday and Sunday"
88th Year of Publication ........5c a copy....... Eight Pages........ Number 251
Fred N. McCollum Sr......Publisher
Trent Bonner McCollum......Managing Editor
Mrs. Roger Bottoms......City Editor

Thursday, October 29, 1959

FRONT PAGE (Highlights):
1. State Politics: Sen. Stuart Symington D-Mo, presidential hopeful for the 1960 election, cancelled his appearance at a $10 a plate "Democratic Harmony Dinner" for about 4,000 party members in Little Rock when he learned that "Negro delegates would be seated at segregated tables." Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn D-Tex will attend anyway. About 500 persons from SE Missouri cancelled reservations since their senator would not be attending. The person in charge of ticket sales in Missouri said that "many who purchased tickets earlier told him they would not sit with Negroes." The AP article stated, "A Negro leader said Democrats of his race may boycott the dinner if segregated facilities are enforced." Asked to comment, the Ark regional rep for the DNC would only state: "I regret that Sen. Symington will not be present to witness this great show of party harmony and strength."

Gov Orval E. Faubus said he was re-evaluating whether to support Symington's presidential bid because of his decision. Faubus said he disagreed with his opinion but didn't disagree with his right to make it. "The freedom of choice is one of the freedoms I have been fighting for here in Arkansas," he added. The AP reporter asked Faubus to speculate on whether Symington would attend if Ark Democrats agreed to integrate the meeting. Faubus responded that many people felt the meeting is in fact integrated if "Negroes are allowed to attend" -- even if seated at separate tables. Faubus said Symington had hurt himself and not the governor of Ark and added that Symington would have had far fewer people to speak to if "Negroes and whites" sat together. When asked whether he thought Symington was trying to discredit him by cancelling his appearance, Faubus said: "Let's let time and events determine the reason for his action."

The 2nd of 5 accused bombers in Little Rock's integration-related Labor Day bombings was convicted yesterday. Perry and the state's key witness against him, Sims, said they volunteered for a "confidential squad" organized to attack the city for accepting public high school integration. Sims bombed the school board and the fire chief's station wagon. Sims got 5 years on a guilty plea. Both said that E. A. Lauderdale, Sr., a prominent segregationist, headed the squad.

Admin note: At the time of this article, all Little Rock public high schools had just reopened after being closed for 2 years by the School Board which (with the support of Faubus and the legislature) closed the schools in defiance of federally ordered desegregation in 1957. Click here to Read full story of the Little Rock 9. Symington, the first Secretary of the Air Force, was well known as one of the most outspoken critics of Sen. McCarthy. Historians say that his steadfast refusal to speak to segregated audiences probably cost him the Democratic presidential nomination, which Kennedy won-- and that he was actually Kennedy's first choice for V.P and not Johnson.

2. Local Politics: Next week all city officials will be elected without any opposition (Mayor Rodgers Deaderick, Treasurer C.N. "Charlie" Haven, Aldermen Ted Parker, Ed McDonald and Raleigh Rich). Voters should show up to vote anyway because it's important to ratify the annexation program to increase the city size from 2,66.3 acres to 5,705.1 acres. The plan extends areas evenly around the present boundaries and will include a new housing development on the south side of the city and the new Electric Company building. If approved, the present pop of 9,000 would rise to 11,000-12,000 in the 1960 federal census next year.

3. Sports: Lincoln Jr. Tigers went to Helena and tied 13-13 in a "ferocious fight." "The highway was jammed with Tiger rooters last night." Tomorrow night the Mustangs host Stuttgart for the 2AA leadership. AP reporter said that F.C. probably "could beat most 2AA teams even without quarterback Donnie Kessinger. For Stuttgart, they'll need Donnie and a little extra hustle. When you come right down to it, the Mustangs haven't played a searing schedule. But Forrest City is the only unbeaten, untied team in the state above Class A. The Mustangs have scored 222 points to 12 for the opposition. We go with Kessinger and Co. 20-7."

4. Community: Rev. Wilford, pastor of Methodist church is the Evangelist for a special week of services in NLR; similar services are held throughout the W. Dist of N. Ark Conference. The paster from NLR will come to FC the week of Nov 15-20 for this area's period of Evangelism.

Residents not home during the community-wide Trick or Treat for UNICEF can still assist in the campaign in behalf of "all the worlds' children" said Mrs. Fred Seaton. Call Mrs. Fred Seaton ME 3-3290 or Mrs Joe Carmichal ME 3-3265 to have your donation picked up.
Admin note: Since 1950 when a group of children in Philadelphia donated $17 they got on Halloween to help post-WWII victims, the Trick-or-Treat UNICEF box has become a tradition in North America during the haunting season. These small orange boxes are handed to children at schools and at various locations. As of 2006, the box has collected over $132 million in the USA.

SOCIAL PAGE (a full page..."Katherine Leftwich, Society Editor")

"Halloween weekend will hold a variety of "safe and sane" entertainment for members of the local teen crowds. On Friday evening the "big event" will be the Mustang-Stuttgart football game, predicted to be one of the most interesting pigskin contests of this season. The game will be preceded by a downtown parade, bonfire and pep rally at the depot. It will be followed by an open dance sponsored by members of Delta Sigma Fraternity. Music for the party, an informal affair, will be furnished by Sonny Burgess and his "Pacers." On Saturday, All Hallows Eve, teenagers will be privileged to again get-together with their friends when "The Stall" is open from 7:30 to 11 pm for a union Auxiliary sponsored teen affair. Teenagers are encouraged to bring their dates and "come-as-you-are" (costumes optional) for an informal evening of fun. The juke box will furnish tunes for dancing and host Walter Gene Prewett will be on hand to chaperon. Snacks will be served. "

Miss Elizabeth Devereux Morgan announces marriage plans. The ceremony music at the Methodist church will be provided by Mrs. Herman Young, organist. Members of the wedding party include Mrs. John Tucker Hasler of 4233 Union Avenue, Memphis, the former Miss Linda Caroll, and Mrs. John Vance Wiese of 3583 Oakley, Memphis, the former Miss Sandra McLaren, Miss Sara Lou Morris, Miss Patsy Lou Armstrong (bride's cousin), Arthur Louie Devereux (bride's uncle), and Regional [sic] Bond Twist.

A record setting 142 women attended an all day, annual Fall Achievement Day held by the St. Francis Co. Home Demonstration Council at the Methodist Church. Officers were named and Mrs. William Wilkie presented Rice Homemaker Contest awards to Mrs. Jacob Bieber for using 150 pounds of rice in family meals during the past 5 months and to Mrs. Abe Burns for using rice in the greatest number of ways. A "delectable covered dish" luncheon was held at noon. "The program opened with a rousing song fest led by Mrs. David Gates with Mrs. Garland Greene at the piano." The F.C. HD club will have their annual Halloween party this weekend at the home of Mrs. J.W. Beazley Sr.

The 2nd annual Band Carnival Show will be next Monday as Sam Smith Jr High Gymnitorium. After the FCHS Band performs "an informative overature," the curtain will rise "on one of the finest variety shows ever presented in Eastern Arkansas." Helena's Bob Evans ("contagious enthusiasm and wit"... "a talented drawing card in his own right") will sing and then present Memphis TV & radio star Wayne Oldham, one of the South's outsanding jazz pianists. "The Mustang Singers --bigger and better than ever this season-- will appear under the baton of Director A.F. Thomas Jr. in a varied choral group. These singers will be making their local premiere for this school year." After that, the Patricia Williams dancers and the Mid-South Fair talent winners will perform. Tickets are $1 and entitle the holder to 100 votes for a candidate in the race for Junior and Senior High Band King and Queen. All funds will be used by the Band Parents Club "to build a better band in this city." So the townspeople can see the plans for this year, the president Lyn Wrothen urges that the budget be kept in mind, which is: $800 for band trips, $600 for music, $1,100 for repairs, $2,787 new equipment, $180 music stands.

Mustang cheerleaders encourage everyone to attend a gala party with an exciting parade through town to the railroad depot, with a bonfire & pep rally. "Sponsoring members of the FCHS official pep cops [sic] are Misses Mimi Butler, Claudette Lindsey, Betty Jo Buford, Pam Daniel, Betty Bridgforth, Mary Catherine Walker, Ann Runyan, and Sandra Wood."

"The ever-present need among the less-fortunate pupils in the local school system is always more ominous as cld weather approaches...Of prime importance is the need for a pair of little boy's shoes - size 4 wide- for a youngster whose feet are almost "on the ground." Contact Mrs. Gene Flanagin, PTA Clothes Chest chairman or Mrs. Carroll McCown, the visiting teacher.

TB Who's Who for 1959: Lee & Fannie Satterfield of the Good Hope Community are saluted for their work on the Christmas seal sale. This year the seals will try to strike a blow at the 7,759 known cases of tuberculosis in Arkansas, an increase of 45 cases from 1958. Ark's death rate ranks 3rd highest in the nation and is nearly twice the national rate. Lee & Fannie stay busy with church, HD clubs, fishing, selling eggs, family, neighbors, friends & grandchildren. They say "give cheerfully and give promptly."

Next Monday, the Palette and Brush Club ("FC"s impresive art guild") will complete plans for a "manifold celebration of National Art Week" by giving an art exhibit and tea in the Clubroom at the Civic Center. Mrs. Louis Haven Jr., president, will preside at tea for art lovers while they browse. Miss Fredene Moseley chaired the art week celebration, assisted by Mrs. James Oursler, Mrs. Frank Woods and Mrs. Wendell Weed. Local artists have been invited to show at the Mid-South Exhibit at the Hotel Peabody in Memphis during National Art Week.

Girl Scouts Troop 145 met at the Girl Scout Room yesterday. Vicki Forrester served popcorn balls and "Cokes." After games, the group was dismissed.

Jaycees & Jaycettes will have a Halloween annual party tonight at the civic center. Madison School PTA will have sideshows and a variety show tonight at their annual Halloween Carnival where the Carnival King & Queen will be crowned.

Contributions to the Mary Smith Fund may be sent to the hospital, Stockton's grocery or Dr. McPhail. "The kind remembrances of friends are a great help to the family of the local teenager who is a patient at Forrest Memorial Hospital and has been ill for months."

Migrant farm laborers temporarily at home in this area will be greeted Saturday at the "Centro Mexicano" from 3-9 pm by the Presbyterians.

Ads of interest: Vandiver's Market Specials: Beef US Choice Sirloin Steak cut from select heavy beef, 89 cents/ pound, Bacon 49 cents/ pound. Playing at the Imperial: Richard Widmark & Donna Reed in "BACKLASH" In Technicolor! and Science Fiction "LOST MISSILE."

On Front Page:

Paul Class of '68: These clips are fascinating. In 1959 I was 9 years old and mainly into riding horses, shooting my BB gun, and watching "The Swamp Fox" on the Wonderful Wide World of Disney - so I didn't have any awareness of the brave stand that Symington took on this issue. I wasn't into girls yet (three sisters was enough at that age)...well, except that I gave Gigi Gilbreath a Half-Heart necklace - while she was apparently collecting them from several other "admirers" too!

When I read the clip, I wondered if Symington's Presidential Campaign was hurt by his refusal to speak (and raise funds) from segregated groups. WAS. Check it out: Wikipedia: Stuart Symington. How many of today's politicians (of ANY party) have the integrity to take such stands today?

By the way, if you google "The Swamp Fox" you will learn that the actor who had the role of Francis Marion was...drum roll please...Leslie Neilson!! LOL And if you remember some of his loyal men, you may have recognized Slim Pickens (later of Dr. Strangelove and Rancho Deluxe fame)!! If you never saw The Swamp Fox, check out this link. Wikipedia: The Swamp Fox TV Series.

I very much appreciate Walter's contribution with these clippings. I have hazy memories of the Donnie Kessinger-led Mustangs and the excitement of the game vs Stuttgart (I think I remember going to that game). And it was a trip reading Raoul Carlisle's sports column - what a unique style! And as I read it, his writing seemed more familiar with each sentence. I'm sure somewhere in the dusty recesses of my memory there is a recognition of other columns he wrote over the years.

These clippings provide a window into my childhood, but with an adult perspective. There were a lot of social, economic, and cultural changes going on in the Mid-South of the 1950s-60's - and small towns like Forrest City were not immune to the dynamics of the times. If you want to read an interesting and extremely well-written account of the kinds of cultural shifts that were going on, pick up Peter Guralnick's "Last Train to Memphis: the rise of Elvis Presley". If you didn't like Elvis before, you will after reading this. But more than a superb biography (part 1 of two parts), this book provides extraordinary observations of the social changes that were occuring all around us in the 1950s-60s in Forrest City and the Mid-South. And the book shows how Elvis's rise to fame was itself an example of the shifts that were occuring. Walter's clippings provide the same perspective to me. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mystery Flag

Bogie Class of '62: Does anyone remember what these were for?? I received two of them and don't remember what I did to earn them!! It couldn't have been much--but I do remember Pam Daniel, a freshman cheerleader coming to my homeroom to present them to me!! I was a lowly 8th grader and had not done anything! I do recall being very appreciative of her, a cheerleader, making a special trip to my room to give them to me. She probably had a bunch to deliver--but, of course, mine were special!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Boy Scouts

From St Francis County Museum Website (See Links).
1910 Boy Scouts

Assuming these boys were from 10-16 years old, they were born from 1894-1900

Class of 1912 - 1928

Yep, that's my dad, Forrest Bogart, standing, second on the far right front. Cute, weren't he?? That's where I get my good looks!!! Daddy was born in 1899. Bogie

BOY SCOUTS (1953? 54? 55?)

This is Harris Hollingsworth's picture sent by Butch Ford. Participating in identifying pictures: Billy Lieblong, Ronald Davidson, Freddy Swan Marilane Sulcer Warr by way of Shannon Fogg Busby. (Apologies for any misspellings)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lin's World

We have some gifted storytellers who grew up in our town. On Peach Fuzz Chronicles when a person sends several hard to catagorize entries, we honor them with their own column: Bogieland, Doraville, soon there will be Butchburg... and with the addition of "Lab Steals Baby Jesus" entry in December, we debuted: Lin's World (Lin Turner):

Summer of Love: 1967--In this Morning's SFChronicle, a series of analyses, interviews and memories about the Summer of Love continues in installment three. Carolyn Garcia, aka Mountain Girl, lived at 710 Ashbury( for those of you with Dead Head trivia bases, this was one move before Marin). She describes the coming of the crowds, "Like a farmer with an onion truck: once you start to unload it you can't stop it. People everywhere. Vegetables yearning to be free." from

March Mentions: Another month's worth of Obituary scanning has revealed the unfortunate names of Mordant Adler, NYTimes, on March 8 and Miracle Boom in the Commercial Appeal on March 9. I have to wonder what the latter thought of the Big Bang Theory. Stay tuned for April's winners. LPT

Feb Obit Winners: For such a short month February's obits offered up some superb holiday candidates for the Obit of the Month. Occasionally there are two names which must be declared joint winners. This month's winners seem curious as they were published in the month of St. Valentine's Day . On February 1, 2007, " The Forrest City Times Herald," ran the obituary of Mr. Love Draughon. On Feb. 15, the day after Valentine's , The "Commercial Appeal," reported on the passing of the late Ms. Hope Ender. I'd rather not think of these names is an example of romantic cause and effect ,but you never can tell.

Winter. Feb 1, 2007. Y'all, I have just come down from the roof where I enjoyed renewing my sensory connection to the grainy falling frozen stuff that passes for snow hereabouts...With the earflaps of my cap down, I looked like one of King Richard's men facing battle, if carved medieval tombs are to be believed. Twelve stories up in the open, snowy air, fortified with Vitamin V, this winter storm was a gift.. Looking at Memphis from it's center while Mombo Natura did her winter nasty will be a treasured, but cold, January Thursday memory to hold onto until mental decrepitude sets ... Damned shame that I can't draw this experience for posterity but nocturnal winter scenes are a true bitch. To those of you in warmer climes, Ppuhh! Tonight you lose.

Admin note: From Florida panhandle, Amen. I miss them.

January Obit Winners: First prize for unusual, wild or musical names culled from the obituaries in January goes to the late Treva Serda Pirtle whose life was summaried in the Jan., 14, 2007, Tennessean. The second place winner was Morteza Shalambasha of Memphis, who was written up in the Jan., 14, 2007, Commercial Appeal. Honorable mention goes to Almeter Bonapart, late of West Memphis, Arkansas, whose obit appeared in the Jan., 31, 2007, Commercial Appeal. James Worthy Canter receives notice for the unfortunate place names in his life. He was born in Difficult, Tennessee and died in Defeated Creek, Tennessee. Tennessean, Jan., 24,2007. Your submissions with attributions are always welcomed.

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Boys State

Spring 1959. Forrest City Times Herald
(Retyped from the original article ...including typos... by Butch Ford '60)

American Legion Announces Boys State Delegates

The American Legion, King Beazley Post No. 4, takes pleasure in announcing the names of boys with their sponsors to Boys State which will be held at Camp Robinson in Little Rock, Saturday, May 30 through Saturday June 6, 1959. The Legion would like to take this opportunity to thank the civic clubs, business firms, and individuals for their generosity and cooperation in sponsoring a boy and giving him the opportunity to participate in this splendid youth program. The following are the delegates and their sponsors: Don Kessinger, Lions Club; Mike Deaderick, Junior Chamber of Commerce; Danny Harrelson, Chamber of Commerce; Ronnie Danehower, Woodruff Electric Co.Doug Smith, East Arkansas Oil Co.; Phil Hicky, Rotary Club; Duane Stephens, American Legion; Philip Walker, Zero Butane Gas Co.; Stevie Stevens, Coca Cola Bottling Co.Billy Lieblong, E. Snyder and Co.; Fred Swan, Fred Swan; Bill Clark, Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.; Tommy Ferguson, Ferguson Drug Store; Mike Graham, American Legion.George Trusty, St. Francis Material Co.; Joe McCown, Crawley-Cogburn Clinic; Larry Fleming, Vaccaro-Grobmyer Lumber Co.; Donald Simpson, American Legion; John Oskowis, American Legion. James Irwin, Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co.; Bobby Doty, Planters Bank and Trust Co.; Bernard Ford, Nesbitt Bottling Co.; Willie(sp.) Kent Montgomery, Kiwanis Club; Ollie Warren, Carl Campbell. Bob White, unfortunately, was disqualified as a delegate due to a broken arm.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas!

(Admin Note: We enjoyed this Email to the Blog from a Tennessee resident who spent Christmas Day in Forrest City this year visiting his mother).

Lin: At the rainiest point of a cold, blustery Christmas day, a neighbor flagged me down as I headed out the lane from my mom's house . She asked if I had seen a chocolate lab run by. While standing at a window some minutes earlier she had seen an unknown lab walk into her yard, make it's way up to the creche and abscond with the Baby Jesus. Poor Baby Jesus! It's tough going from the Prince of Peace one minute to dog food the next. Especially when it's on your birthday.

Admin: I heard this DIRTY DAWG was last seen running North East towards New Jersey, See...
Janet Findley: We have new Christmas decorations in Forrest City but no decorations seem to compare to the strings of colored lights strung across Washington in downtown Forrest City during the Christmas season when I was growing up. It was magical. I remember working at Fussell's late on Christmas Eve because that was when husbands came to shop for their wives. I also remember about 8th or 9th grade buying monogrammed handkerchiefs at Taylor Casbeer for a boyfriend. Times have changed.
Bogie Class of 62: Hi, Janet! I remember shopping in downtown Forrest City at Christmas also! Mom and Dad never had a great deal of money--we were better off than most, but never spent much on Christmas gifts--and Mom gave me ten whole dollars whith which to do my shopping! That included gifts for Mom, Dad, my Sister and Grandmother--that ten bucks had to go a looooooooong way! I usually purchased all my gifts at the Broadway Drug Store cause they had something for everyone! Mom got a bottle of "My Sin", Dad got "Old Spice" aftershave, my Sister got a manicure set and I bought my Grandmother a pink handkerchief. I remember taking all my treasures home and sneaking them in the back door of that old house--which wasn't easy--the steps creaked and the door squealed! I took everything in my room and brought out the wrapping paper, tape and tags. I thought I was so grown--(I was eleven)--cause I had never done my very own Christmas shopping before. Everything was wrapped and put under the tree by me--maybe not so neatly--but still by me. I remember that first Christmas in FC was a bunch of fun--we went to the grocery store on Division Street to pick out our tree--a big one since the living room in our house was so big! That turned into an every year event! We always had bubble lights plus colored lights and all the family heirloom decorations on the tree--Mom had a big lighted Santa she sat in the living room window. And every Christmas morning, Santa would have been there--even after I was grown. I have always been asked if I "believed in Santa Clause" and I would say "of course I do". I had been told that when you stop believing in Santa, he stops coming and I didn't want to take a chance!!! He's still coming!!

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College: Crowleys Ridge Tech Inst
College: East Ark Community College
Crime Rate:
Geneology Research:
Museum info:
Newspaper, local:
Radio Station:
Photographs, historical:
School, Private:

If you have another good link or a comment about a link, please send. Thanks.

Your Contributions to Geneology Research will be Appreciated Here:
Did you know about the yellow fever epidemic of 1878 in Forrest City? You'll find it mentioned here. Want to see tombstones of the cemetaries and names? You'll find it here. This 1935 picture (left) of peach workers came from here. Paul V. Isbell has a great site dedicated to gathering historical information on Rootsweb, which is the #1 resource for geneology research. Here you will find some pictures, history, fascinating biographies of people and families dating back to the 1830's and info about cemetaries (including pictures of gravestones). Paul is seeking contributors to help others in doing family research so if you have historical information, this is a great place to preserve it.

Paul Isbell, Class of 58: Thanks for your comment in your blog about the Forrest City/St.Francis County Website on Rootsweb. Any and all information will be appreciated. Presently in process of updating the Forrest Park Cemetery with about 700 new entries from pictures taken at the cemetery. Any obits or other memories about these people would be acceptable! (Just go to the link above).

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Class of 67

40 YEAR CLASS REUNION IS JULY 20th. Contact Jimmy Hargraves if you need more info. Last notice to sign up was sent out recently...if you didn't get one, then there's a problem with your address.

1997 Reunion.
This photo along with names was posted by Susie Gibbs Stephens on the Rootsweb (geneology) website at

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In Memory of...

Here is a place to say something about those of us or parts of us who aren't here anymore.

Dora '68: I would like to pay tribute to the greatest teacher I have had. She was one of those teachers who could stay in control of the class and be your friend at the same time. She made history come to life and learning fun. I will always remember her sitting on her stool at the front of the room and dramatically telling history as she held me in awe! Her sense of humor was second to none. I think of her often.

Sula '68: A rare, grand person whose sparkling heart and hands indelibly touched generations of young people growing up in Forrest City. So many of us were positively influenced, deeply touched by her involvement in our lives...however small or large. She is and was loved by so many... a lady with integrity, a professional woman, an icon for young people. And so much more. I agree with David Nichols. We will not see the likes of her again -- on or off newsprint. Our hearts are heavy but what a wonderful life to celebrate.

From an Editorial by David Nichols: Times-Herald. 1-18-07
"I have said in conversations that Katherine is part of a vanishing breed — the small town society editor. And she is. But Katherine is more. She is one of a kind, an original. There’s no one else like her, and that’s our loss. She might be succeeded in her job, but she’ll never be replaced. An era is ending, and the Lifestyle page will not see her like again."

As to Katherine's social columns, just one of her many talents, she had a wider audience than many know. When I was in law school in 1980-83 in Fort Lauderdale, I subscribed to the Times-Herald. One day my torts professor picked it up off my editor's desk in the law school newspaper office and thumbed through it. He stopped at one point and sat down to finish reading an article. "Do you have more of these?" he asked. I said sure and he wanted them delivered to him weekly when I had finished. Professor Rooke-Ley is a Hastings (U of CA) law school graduate from a blue-blood, San Francisco society family; a civil rights activist published in one of the Harvard Law Journals. "May I ask what interests you about this small town paper?" I inquired, expecting something scholarly. To my surprise, he responded, "Mrs. Leftwich's social columns. She's simply marvelous." Thereafter for two years I regularly delivered a stack to him. When I graduated he told me he would miss me... and Mrs. Leftwich, too.

Class of 56
Raymond Davis

Class of 60
Butch Ford: The following names are members of the Class of 1960 who graduated or would have graduated with us. Some died well before 1960 and others afterwards. The total of 27 was entered in the reunion document as of February, 2005. Due to my uncertainty as to the married names of the ladies, all are listed as they were in school. There may have been others to be added to the list since 2005, but I am unaware of their names.
Ann Bargery
Elizabeth Borden
Rebecca Canaday
Bill Clark
Marie Cook
Betty June Davis
Marie Dearington
Charles Deere
Bobby Doty
Wallace Emerson
Logan Evans
Tommy Ferguson
Melinda Garrison
Diane Gibbs
Roy Hall
Tommy Higgs
Dorothy Hood
Carrol Huff
Evan Dean (Sambo) Hughes
Mary Bob Lindsey
Eleanor Manley
Joe McCowan
Vernia Mercer
Stevie Stevens
Larry Sulcer
Sheila Sweet
Phillip Walker

Class of 62
Bogie: If anyone knows of more names I should have please let me know by e-mail or the blog. I keep a record in our scrapbook so those attending our reunions will get the information.
Kay Britt, died before graduation in 1962
Eddie Anderson
Bogie: He was one of the sweetest guys ever to graduate from FCHS! He was a friend to all and was always a helping hand to those in need. Eddie passed away in 1983 after a short bout with cancer. We've missed him at every get-together we've had over the years since his death. He'll always have a special place in the hearts of his fellow classmates.

George Padgett, 1983
Richard Trail, 1984
Earnest Adamson, 1992
Leon Presley, 1992
Kenny Bokker, 1994
Diane Clark, 1995
Claude Ramsey, 1997
Patsy Knight, 1999
Thomas Chapman, 1999
Douglas Kimble, 2000
Louise Jones, 2001
Donna Halbert, 2002
Karen Sutton, 2004
Peggy Gustavus, 2004
Patsy Taylor, 2004
Clara Faye Baldwin, 2005
Ricky Stephens, 2006

Class of 63
Francis C. "Binky" Wall, Dec 2006 (Not sure of class, someone help)

Class of 64
Donna Stephens-Schmidt 11/14/1993

Class of 65
Joe Hodges
Bobby Snow Hargraves
Ken Holamon, 1993
Linda Flanagin Jumper

Dora Class of '68: I wanted to say something about my sister, Lynda Flanagin Jumper. I recently saw Sally Bridgforth over the holidays and she told me a beautiful story about seeing my sister in the late seventies at a golf tournament. I will not share the story as Sally may want to do so herself. Basically it conveyed what a beautiful person she was both physically and spiritually. I was fortunate to have had Lynda as a sister. Three grades ahead of me, she never treated me like a tag along. She was always good to my friends and they all loved her as well. There were over 900 people who attended her funeral. African Americans, rich, poor, middle class all in attendance. This was Lynda. She touched hearts of people from all socio economic areas of life. Her love was genuine. She was recognized three years after her death by the American Heart Association in Jonesboro. I was invited to speak on her behalf. It was the greatest honor I had ever had to be able to honor my sister. It is people like Lynda who once again assure me of a Heaven in that the likes of her will always live on. I love you Lynda.

Janya Moore

Dora Class of '68: I would also like to say what a great person Janya Moore was. When I was 15, I had a date with her brother Don to have dinner at her house with Janya and her date along with Amy Devereaux and her date. She reminded me of my sister in that she made me feel so welcome. I had always heard my sister talk about what a great person Janya was and I learned that day exactly why she was. She had a warmth about her that you could feel. When she died maybe a year and a half later, I can remember thinking how a young, wonderful person can be taken so soon. I guess we never know the answer but in the time she lived she left her mark on this earth. Everyone who knew Janya loved her.

Class of 66
Tom Baldwin (not sure of class, someone help)
Neva Jean Gibson, 1989
Warren Lincoln Lalman, 1989 in NYC

Class of 67

J. W. Brock, Jan 08, 2005
Stanley Cothern
Jerry Culver, Feb 21, 2002
Chester Hill, Feb 10, 1969 (Vietnam)
James E. Honeycutt, Feb 17, 1968 (Vietnam)
Aubrey Jolley, June 1983
Mike Jones, 1997
James Edward (Jimbo) Justiss, 1994
Jane Leiting, 1988
Patrick "Pappy" Mason, May 28, 2004
Lou Rice-Douglas, April 10, 2007
Jimmy Robbins, Nov 20, 2004
Bill Sidle, May 28, 1992
Ronnie Spivey, Sept 27, 1987
Paulette Wright-Cothern, May 6, 2001

Class of 68
Gary Dwayne Adams
Gary Christian, 1986
Larry Eugene Cummings, 2005
Harry Siesel Dreyfus
Tom Joe (Tommy) Floyd, Jr., 1991
John Duncan (Butch) Henley, IV, 2002
Virginia (Gin Gin) Jones Wright, 2006
Linda Zell McKee
Thomas Eugene (Tommy) Melton, 1991
Dorothy Mitchell, 1994
Victor C. (Vic) Paseur, 1989
Sula Class of 68: When I was in Mrs. Graham's 5th grade class there was a new boy in the class some of us, especially the girls, were a little curious about. He was of slight build, with sandy, straight hair. He had a slightly dissheveled look, not sloppy; he was almost delicate but not girlie. He didn't goof around with the guys and was quiet all the time with his head leaned over his desk so closely his nose could almost touch it... always doing something on paper. His name sounded foreign. I wondered if he was from France. From time to time I tried to engage him in chit chat and he was polite but not interested. Of course that piqued my curiosity even further. I studied him intensely because there was something unusually exotic or maybe hauntingly shy about him that I couldn't understand.

One day we had to do a round of self introductions to the class..."My name is___ and I like ____." When it came to Vic's turn he said he liked horses. The teacher asked him to hold up a of the things he was doing with his head buried on the desk so much. Most of us gasped out loud. He had drawn a horse from memory that was perfectly proportioned with a rendering more mature than some adult artists. I could hardly believe it was his own. But it was. Being a wannabe artist myself from a young age, I was now enthralled. All year I tried to promote a friendship. I found out where he lived (by the old train viaduct) and came close to going up to his house after school to ask for him but never did. I believe Lou was successful in visiting Vic after school and I was envious. Vic just seemed to be serious, aloof and introverted and I didn't know how to deal with that. As the years passed, he and I travelled in our own little worlds which never converged. In high school an art class was offered for the first time; taught by Mr. Isom, our genial, first African-American teacher (who was stationed in a classroom under the football stadium, which was large enough for art projects). Vic's work was always light years above everyone's...I could manage only a very distant second to him sometimes. In college and thereafter from South Florida I would occasionally ask a hometown person about Vic and was told he had become a commercial artist in Memphis. That thrilled me vicariously to hear that...because I hadn't and would have liked to do the same.

Some 20 years later I moved to Memphis in the early 1990's. I thought of Vic and began to inquire around the Memphis art community about him. I wanted to visit with him and especially to see the wonderful artwork I knew he would have been creating. I was so looking forward to seeing how his talent had developed since we were kids; so excited that he had become a professional artist. I was crushed to learn that Vic had died just a few years earlier. They said he was a fine artist and was known among artists in the city. So I never got to know Vic. Whether I could have bridged the gap with him as an adult that I could not do as a young person--I will never know. Vic -- and his talent-- died too soon. In a strange way, it was like a little dream of my own had been fulfilled by his accomplishments...and would be mourned with his passing. I wish I could have told him so before he left.

Thomas Threat
Gary Michael West, 1992
Joe Ed Whittenton, 1969
James Andrew (Andy)Wood, 1972
Daniel Sprott, son of Jan Greene Class of 68: I would like to encourage everyone to remember Jan in the recent loss of her beautiful son, Daniel. He was a very Special person who touched my life in the few times I was around him The family has honored him with a blog and if you take the time to read it, it will warm your heart with the meaning of what a loving family is all about. It is Even if you never met Daniel, you will feel you knew him after reading what a wonderful example he was of what life is all about. Love ya Jan, Dora

Class of 69
Larry Couch
Mike Cureton
Mago Long Nelson
Frank Shackelford, 1979
Sue Sutton

Class of 70

Mike Clark

Jan Holt
Randy James
Ike McCain, 1969
Betta (Bebe) Shackelford Volkamer, 2005

Class of 71
James Childress
Julie Christianson Kleier
Keith Couch
Craig Eldridge
Tom Hoffman
Russell Pettus
Johnny Poe
Frank Shackleford
William Walters
Kathy Whitlatch
Randy West

Class of 73
Ben Harris

Class of 78
Marie Ross, Jan. 2007

Class of 81
Brenda Holmes McClendon

Class of 83

Deedra Rosamond