Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas!

(Admin Note: We enjoyed this Email to the Blog from a Tennessee resident who spent Christmas Day in Forrest City this year visiting his mother).

Lin: At the rainiest point of a cold, blustery Christmas day, a neighbor flagged me down as I headed out the lane from my mom's house . She asked if I had seen a chocolate lab run by. While standing at a window some minutes earlier she had seen an unknown lab walk into her yard, make it's way up to the creche and abscond with the Baby Jesus. Poor Baby Jesus! It's tough going from the Prince of Peace one minute to dog food the next. Especially when it's on your birthday.

Admin: I heard this DIRTY DAWG was last seen running North East towards New Jersey, See...
Janet Findley: We have new Christmas decorations in Forrest City but no decorations seem to compare to the strings of colored lights strung across Washington in downtown Forrest City during the Christmas season when I was growing up. It was magical. I remember working at Fussell's late on Christmas Eve because that was when husbands came to shop for their wives. I also remember about 8th or 9th grade buying monogrammed handkerchiefs at Taylor Casbeer for a boyfriend. Times have changed.
Bogie Class of 62: Hi, Janet! I remember shopping in downtown Forrest City at Christmas also! Mom and Dad never had a great deal of money--we were better off than most, but never spent much on Christmas gifts--and Mom gave me ten whole dollars whith which to do my shopping! That included gifts for Mom, Dad, my Sister and Grandmother--that ten bucks had to go a looooooooong way! I usually purchased all my gifts at the Broadway Drug Store cause they had something for everyone! Mom got a bottle of "My Sin", Dad got "Old Spice" aftershave, my Sister got a manicure set and I bought my Grandmother a pink handkerchief. I remember taking all my treasures home and sneaking them in the back door of that old house--which wasn't easy--the steps creaked and the door squealed! I took everything in my room and brought out the wrapping paper, tape and tags. I thought I was so grown--(I was eleven)--cause I had never done my very own Christmas shopping before. Everything was wrapped and put under the tree by me--maybe not so neatly--but still by me. I remember that first Christmas in FC was a bunch of fun--we went to the grocery store on Division Street to pick out our tree--a big one since the living room in our house was so big! That turned into an every year event! We always had bubble lights plus colored lights and all the family heirloom decorations on the tree--Mom had a big lighted Santa she sat in the living room window. And every Christmas morning, Santa would have been there--even after I was grown. I have always been asked if I "believed in Santa Clause" and I would say "of course I do". I had been told that when you stop believing in Santa, he stops coming and I didn't want to take a chance!!! He's still coming!!


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