Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lin's World

We have some gifted storytellers who grew up in our town. On Peach Fuzz Chronicles when a person sends several hard to catagorize entries, we honor them with their own column: Bogieland, Doraville, soon there will be Butchburg... and with the addition of "Lab Steals Baby Jesus" entry in December, we debuted: Lin's World (Lin Turner):

Summer of Love: 1967--In this Morning's SFChronicle, a series of analyses, interviews and memories about the Summer of Love continues in installment three. Carolyn Garcia, aka Mountain Girl, lived at 710 Ashbury( for those of you with Dead Head trivia bases, this was one move before Marin). She describes the coming of the crowds, "Like a farmer with an onion truck: once you start to unload it you can't stop it. People everywhere. Vegetables yearning to be free." from

March Mentions: Another month's worth of Obituary scanning has revealed the unfortunate names of Mordant Adler, NYTimes, on March 8 and Miracle Boom in the Commercial Appeal on March 9. I have to wonder what the latter thought of the Big Bang Theory. Stay tuned for April's winners. LPT

Feb Obit Winners: For such a short month February's obits offered up some superb holiday candidates for the Obit of the Month. Occasionally there are two names which must be declared joint winners. This month's winners seem curious as they were published in the month of St. Valentine's Day . On February 1, 2007, " The Forrest City Times Herald," ran the obituary of Mr. Love Draughon. On Feb. 15, the day after Valentine's , The "Commercial Appeal," reported on the passing of the late Ms. Hope Ender. I'd rather not think of these names is an example of romantic cause and effect ,but you never can tell.

Winter. Feb 1, 2007. Y'all, I have just come down from the roof where I enjoyed renewing my sensory connection to the grainy falling frozen stuff that passes for snow hereabouts...With the earflaps of my cap down, I looked like one of King Richard's men facing battle, if carved medieval tombs are to be believed. Twelve stories up in the open, snowy air, fortified with Vitamin V, this winter storm was a gift.. Looking at Memphis from it's center while Mombo Natura did her winter nasty will be a treasured, but cold, January Thursday memory to hold onto until mental decrepitude sets ... Damned shame that I can't draw this experience for posterity but nocturnal winter scenes are a true bitch. To those of you in warmer climes, Ppuhh! Tonight you lose.

Admin note: From Florida panhandle, Amen. I miss them.

January Obit Winners: First prize for unusual, wild or musical names culled from the obituaries in January goes to the late Treva Serda Pirtle whose life was summaried in the Jan., 14, 2007, Tennessean. The second place winner was Morteza Shalambasha of Memphis, who was written up in the Jan., 14, 2007, Commercial Appeal. Honorable mention goes to Almeter Bonapart, late of West Memphis, Arkansas, whose obit appeared in the Jan., 31, 2007, Commercial Appeal. James Worthy Canter receives notice for the unfortunate place names in his life. He was born in Difficult, Tennessee and died in Defeated Creek, Tennessee. Tennessean, Jan., 24,2007. Your submissions with attributions are always welcomed.


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