Monday, July 17, 2006

50's Music

Bogie Class of 62: I did a little diggin' in my scrapbook and found a list of favorites of mine during my high school years. Music and movies were what we lived for!! Read this list and go through the day remembering all those great times--bet'cha have at least one of the songs on your mind all day!!
Some of the favorites were:

All I Have to do is Dream
Don't I Beg of You
Witch Doctor
Get a Job
The Purple People Eater
It's All in the Game
Auntie Mame
Cat On a Hot Tin Roof
A Night to Remember

The Battle of New Orleans
Mack the Knife
Stagger Lee
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Lonely Boy
Some Like it Hot
Ben Hur
The Dirary of Anne Frank
Anatomy of a Murder
North by Northwest

The Twist
A Summer Place
He'll Have to Go
Kathy's Clown
Running Bear
I'm Sorry
It's Now or Never
The Apartment
Elmer Gantry
Butterfield 8

Tossin' and Turnin'
I Fall to Pieces
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Hit the Road Jack
Running Scared
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Splendor in the Grass
West Side Story
Judgment at Nuremberg
The Hustler

Strangers on the Train
Can't Stop Loving You
Mashed Potato
Loco Motion
The Wanderer
Day's of Wine and Roses
Dr. No
Lawrence of Arabia
The Longest Day
The Manchurian Candidate
To Kill a Mockingbird

In the Still of the Night (The 5 Satins, Right)
(Listen to sample)

Ok, you guys, put your memory cap on! Does anyone remember the trio that sang to the sixth grade assembly in 1956? I put my cap on just now, got out my 1959 annual and found who I think made up the trio--Stevie Stevens, Doug Smith, and (was it?) Butch Ford. They sang "In the Still of the Night" in perfect acapella harmony! I fell in love! Of course Bratcher was my first love, but Stevie and Doug were the second and third! I could always have someone to fall back on! I didn't fall in love with Butch Ford--when I was a sophomore and he was a senior, I had a date with him--I knew then why!

Anonymous said... 7/17/06
Inquiring minds want to know...Why?

Bogie said... 7/17/06
Ok inquiring mind--because he didn't give a flip about me! Darn! All us sophomore girls were in love with all the senior guys!! We thought we were so cute and they were so cool! Of course, I was never cute.

Butch said... 7/21/06
That was us. I sang lead, Stevie, bless his heart, sang base and Doug sang tenor. Our little group never did have a name. We sang acapella because we didn't know how to play any instruments. Perfect? Not hardly, honey. Mike Deaderick also sang wih us some. Boy, we thought we sounded good. We were bound for glory. Only problem was, that was the only song we ever learned. I still love the song and consider it one of the two best songs of that kind ever recorded. The Five Satins recorded it. It was THEIR only hit, too. The other song is "Earth Angel" by the Penguins (at left). (listen to sample). What memories. I really wish I could still hit those high notes at the end of "Still of the Night." Hi, Bogie. I'm sorry I left you with that impression. Booger told me he ran into you down at the Greenwood, or is it Greenville, Holiday Inn. Thanks for the memories.

Bogie said...7/21/06
Hey Butch! I was hoping I could get a rise out of you!! Where are you? We (Cathy and I) have been to a few class reunions, including the one in 2000 for the class of '60 and '.61. I didn't see you there. Our class, '62 will be getting together next year for our 45th--maybe you and some of your fellow classmates from '60 can join us! We have a blast and it would be fun to share it with you guys! Love ya, Miss ya,

Butch said...7/26/06
Bogie, Email at:


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