Monday, July 10, 2006

CLASS of 58

Frances Walker (McCampbell) FCHS '58 says...I just 'ran up on' this blog spot. Who put it up? I think you are older than I am, but just wondered. I've enjoyed reading the posts.

Contributor says... Hi Frances, Class of 68 folks started it, but those who contribute own it. You can read the story of how it started in the very first post (scroll all the way to the bottom). So glad you stopped by and enjoy it. We are having a ball! Tell us some stories!

Frances Walker McCampbell says...My parents were Lois and Clement Walker. We lived on the corner of Buford and Divion in the large white house. My mother is still there, and Daddy died when we were children. Our farm was below Madison in the St. Francis River next to Web Sweet's farm. Whew...... that's going a long way back.I hope you have many people participating from different classes. I think this is wonderful!!!

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