Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We would love to post your pictures... and the blog is one way for so many to enjoy them that otherwise would not be able to do so. So if you could be so generous as to take a little time to share photos but don't know how to get copies of your pictures to us by email - then just send us an email note and we'll get back to you and help arrange the easiest way for you to get a copy to us. You don't have to risk sending your valuable originals. You never know what joy these pictures can bring to others...those who may, for one reason or another, not have any momentos of their childhood in Forrest City. Thanks for all your valuable contributions...photos of childhood are rare so it is a real treat and a blessing to share with others.

Send pix or ask us to help you get copies & send: ForrestCityMemories@Yahoo.com

Chris Fogg White: My dear friend, Nan Montgomery, (Booger and Bobbie's sister) lived in Bay St Louis, MS last year. Because of Hurricane Katrina, she and her family lost everything. The furniture, clothing, etc. have been replaced, but she has no pictures of her childhood or any other pictures for that matter. I ask that if you have any pictures with Nan in them to please make a copy and send to her. Her name and address are below. Thanks:

Nan Montgomery Signorelli
1568 Brookshire Drive
Benton, AR 72015

Administrator's note: You can also send any pictures you have on a CD or digital pictures for Nan to our email box and we will print them out and mail them to Nan for you. You can take your pictures to Office Depot or Office Max and they will scan them for you and put them on a CD for you...then you can send the CD to Nan-- or you can just copy the picture files off the CD in your computer and send them attached to an email. If you need more help with this process, please email us. Thanks.


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