Monday, July 03, 2006


Bogie said...
Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue were the celebs of the day. Dates consisted of a movie at the Imperial and a burger, fries and coke at the Skipper. Then home! Ha, we never parked!!

Anonymous said...
Wellllllll...girl, your know by the 60's Marilyn died, there were 6 James Bond movies (which included the infamous girlfriend, Pussy Galore), Lolita, Tom Jones, The Graduate, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf...Hullabaloo dancers, Laugh In with Goldie Hawn dancing in a bikini on TV-- by the late 60's parking had become pretty standard after the same burger, fries and a coke at the Skipper! In fact, I can recall guys rushing to the "choice" parking places around town to get them first before they got taken. Dead end, undeveloped streets in Washington Heights, the old cemetary, behind the old DBS house, Stuart roads... if you were looking for someone & they weren't in the usual places, you would then go by their favorte parking place (which you would know where that was). The biggest hazard was the police shining a flashlight inside the car before you saw them coming.


Blogger Administrator said...

You are so right! Actually Marilyn died in 1962-just before I went off to college. That was our graduation year. We lost a lot of celebs around this time of the decade--Marilyn, JFK in '63, Clark Gable, and there was conflict and upheavel all over. It was really the end of innocence. All the movies mentioned above, James Bond, The Graduate, etc. are proof that all of us that grew up with The Mickey Mouse Club, Spin and Marty series, Roy and Dale, Gene Autry, I Love Lucy (which ended with their divorce around 1960), had to move on to other levels in our lives. But parking? Shoot, both my parents are deceased but you'll never catch me admitting to that!! (Even tho it was quite popular!) Don't you just love this??

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