Sunday, February 04, 2007

Boy Scouts

From St Francis County Museum Website (See Links).
1910 Boy Scouts

Assuming these boys were from 10-16 years old, they were born from 1894-1900

Class of 1912 - 1928

Yep, that's my dad, Forrest Bogart, standing, second on the far right front. Cute, weren't he?? That's where I get my good looks!!! Daddy was born in 1899. Bogie

BOY SCOUTS (1953? 54? 55?)

This is Harris Hollingsworth's picture sent by Butch Ford. Participating in identifying pictures: Billy Lieblong, Ronald Davidson, Freddy Swan Marilane Sulcer Warr by way of Shannon Fogg Busby. (Apologies for any misspellings)


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