Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sunday Fuzz Buzz 12-28-08

In Memory of...
Yvonne Free, Class of 63, who passed away in May 2005 of cancer. Yvonne was married to me for 41 years, 1 month and 5 days. Yvonne is survived by myself and our two sons, Greg and Jeff, all of whom live in the West Memphis/Marion area. Yvonne was a registered nurse, working full time for Methodist Central in Memphis and part-time at Crittenden Hospital in West Memphis. Religion, family, friends and patients were the focus of her life.

Joyce Bowman, Class of 64, has passed away also. I do not remember what year. If you have a copy of the newsletter from the last reunion, the information is in it.

I am enjoying the web site.
Glenn Masengale, Class of 64
Good to hear from you, Glenn, and may precious memories bring you comfort.
Re Merry Christmas entry: That would be Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring if she is with Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody-- Anonymous.
Oh you are right! I didn't want to be Pocahontas until about 3rd grade. As I recall, she was the first female explorer I can remember learning about and later I wanted to be Margaret Meade.


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