Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday Fuzz Buzz 12-20-08

Monday, December 15, 2008
I believe that this is the Vandiver's Grocery Little League Team from Forrest City that my dad coached about 1955. I'm number 8. Can you identify them all? Those were the days.
Ron Davidson

Comments below are from Butch Ford, Dec. 16, 2008:
This was for the second year of Little League in Forrest City. So, it appears that the attached photo is of the 1955 Little League All-Stars. (Not sure, but that's probably the National League All-Stars). Their names are:

Front Row/ Left to Right: Joe McCowan, David Deaderick, Collie Walker, Ron Davidson, Richie McCullough, Billy Lieblong, Sid Fogg, Pinky McCullough

Back Row/ Left to Right: Johnnie Alderson, Lynn Stockton, Bill Clark, Larry Todd, Ray Patterson, Richard Trail

I got a call from Billy Lieblong today.

He says ... that there was only one All-Star team and that it played the team with the best record. Kind of tough that the members of the league champion weren't included on the All-Star team. That was never one of my worries in life, especially in baseball.



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