Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sunday Fuzz Buzz 12/6/08

We have several great messages that were left back in 2007 that have been added to some of the comment sections. These are hard to find because they are posted at the end of a zillion entries. So I decided to make a weekly column each Sunday that will include all the messages that have come in for the week. These will be in addition to special entries. And those folks who follow the blog won't have to guess when something new is coming up...for sure there should be something every Sunday on the Buzz...Thanks for your messages...I feel the love!
12/5/08 You've been missed! Here's part of your group hug!
Get 'er up and running, 18 months is a long time to wait.
Sorry about your wrist ~ glad it's ok now.
One suggestion (for us old folks with fading memories), when you identify people in photos would you include last names (maiden names for the women) because the ole' eyes are beginning to fail now too (or maybe we are all just starting to look so stinkin' old!).
Glad you're back!
Joan (Tuliback) Miller
Class of '65
Thanks Joan-- That's Jan Greene, Dora Flanagin, Annette Vaccaro and Sula McAuley.
12/5/08 Butch sent an email: "Yahoooo I got through!!!!" and he said Freddy Swan sent him a photo with a Commercial Appeal article and asked that it be put on the blog. It's a pix of Freddy and Ron Davdison at the peach shed...coming soon!
Joan (Tuliback) Miller said...
I don't think Sula is EVER coming back . . .
Tue Apr 29, 05:05:00 PM 2008

Anonymous said...
Sula, Sula, Sula! Where are you darlin'? We miss your leadership and your unyielding strength at keeping this blog-thing going. I check it every day and there's the same photo of some bejeweled dude putting the grab on two pretty women. I actually recognize two of them. One is the younger sister of my old friend, Chee Chee Hargraves. Last time I saw her, she was in elementary school. And, who is that Charles Barg look-alike? I would have lost a bet if I hadn't seen Charles recently at Booger's house. Come back, Sula. Come back!I forgot my password.Butch Ford
Fri Sep 26, 10:01:00 AM 2008
Paul Gibson said...
THANK YOU so much Sula (aka "Administrator")for creating and maintaining the Peach Fuzz Chronicles! A LOT of people have enjoyed many hours here thanks to your dedication and commitment. This is a most unique site. I have shared it with many friends in California and elsewhere, and to a person, they are all incredibly impressed with the Blog, the closeness that all of us from FC share, and the very entertaining stories they found here.
Mon Jul 02, 06:54:00 PM 2007

Anonymous said...
Sula, the creation of the blog kept us in touch and gave us a lot of memories to talk about at our recent reunion! I heard several people talking about how much they enjoyed reading the stories and how great it was that you kept this going! The reunion was all about memories.It was a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of our ADULT lives and go back in time when life was carefree and all so innocent (maybe not totally innocent) It reminded me of how a photo can withstand time as if time stood still- this is what the reunion was like for me Going back and remembering the way it was- much like the blog helps up relive the past in written word the reunion brought it back to life again! Dora class of 68
Mon Jul 30, 02:28:00 PM 2007

Anonymous said...
I, too, would like to thank "Susie" for the Peach Fuzz Chronicles. It's been fun reading all of the comments. "Cissie"
Mon Aug 20, 11:22:00 AM 2007
Anonymous said...
Please add Warren Lincoln Lalman class of '66 died 1989 in NYC
Tue Sep 04, 02:27:00 AM 2007

Anonymous said...
For the class of 70 - there are 2 more to be listed who have passed away. Jimmy Lewis and Ricky Rice. Ricky died in the 9th grade due to complications during an appendectomy (msp)- same year and grade that Ike McCain passed away.
Thu Nov 01, 03:07:00 PM 2007

Anonymous said...
Came across this by accident. Please list my brother John as a deceased member of the class of 1970. John died in 1977 after a courageous battle with cancer. I remember the very cute cheerleaders in the 60's who practiced out on the high school lawn across from my house on Graham Street. I thought they were the greatest! Cile M. Brooks
Sun May 18, 03:31:00 PM 2008

Anonymous said...
Does anyone keep in contact with Nona Haywood? She was my neighbor for many years and I would like to reach her. Peggy Pipkin Toomey Class of '62
Sun Aug 12, 01:18:00 PM 2007
If you can help Peggy, send info to and I'll post it or if it's private info let me know and I'll tell Peggy to email me in for the info.
Anonymous said...
Don Moore and Becki McMinn, Sharon Tyer and Allen Perry
Thu Nov 01, 04:14:00 PM 2007
Turkey Joe said...
I remember Watkins so well...Had the best cake doughnuts and turkey and dressing on the planet...My favorite memory is when my grandmother came to town, and took the entire family out to eat at Watkins...After the meal she slipped my stepdad (who wasn't my favorite person in life) money to pay for the meal...He tipped the waitress $20 dollars of my grandmothers money...Was the first time and only time I ever heard her cuss...
Wed Apr 09, 12:19:00 PM 2008
Anonymous said...
John Isom, the Art Teacher at FCHS during the late 60's and early 70's was an amazing man and the first African American teacher I ever had. He was an artist in his own right - having held several one man shows in New York of his own work, but he was also the most gracious gentleman - rising above the ribbing and teasing of the bullies in our class, who had obviously taken Art because they thought it would be an easy grade. What I learned about art and art history from Mr. Isom did not really begin to resonate with me until I moved to Europe and visited the Louvre in Paris in the mid 70's and I recognized artists and intimately knew their paintings - amazing for a girl from east Arkansas.John Isom taught school during a time of much civil unrest in our town - in our world and he showed me and others what real grace and dignity is all about and for that I have always been in his debt. I can not decide what I learned most from this man - art or life, but I value both tremendously and I will never forget him.
Thu Oct 25, 12:39:00 PM 2007

I also learned a lot from Mr. Isom. This is a wonderful tribute and Amen to all of it...
fdan said...
Butch- I think you have the right teachers, but some of the wrong grades!
1st: Ms Jones and Ms Douglas
2nd: Ms Cook
3rd: Ms. Gardner
4th: Ms. Harrel
5th: Ms. Bean
6th: Ms. Hudspeth
Check it out.
Wed Oct 31, 01:40:00 PM 2007

Anonymous said...
Hello to all my Forrest City friends! It has been a long time, but thanks to the internet I now feel connected. I am so sorry I missed the Class of '67 reunion. I am sure my address was lost as I was in The Netherlands on an expatriate assignment for 3 years. I would love to have seen everyone. My email address is - please catch me up on everyone. Maybe I will make the 50th! Ruth Ware Johnson - - CA
Tue Oct 02, 07:53:00 PM 2007


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