Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bogieland: More Rascals

Admin note: We have discovered that there are places in Forrest City that you can go just in the experience of good storytelling. This blog has provided a forum for some great storytellers, which is an endangered art we wish to honor and promote. So with a playful accolade, we will begin to bestow names of those places after the storyteller who take us there (when the stories don't particularly fit in any obvious category).

Bogie Class of 62: I was so ashamed that I was a part of this so many years ago that I have found it hard to share with you guys!! Does anyone in Mr. McClure's home room, (I think we were A thru D), remember the choir trip that took practically the whole school away for a whole day? I know it was a Friday, because there was an assembly that morning in the gymatorium and all of us left in school had to attend.

There was a very nice preacher that made a talk for about 15 or 20 minutes, school business was discussed and that was about all there was on the program. Well, seein' as tho we had no teacher with us that day in the bleachers, Mr. McClure's homeroom class did everything but listen to the preacher! We disrupted the whole program by moving about in the bleachers, pea-shooting wads of paper, laughing and talking--and yes, we all took part!

Welllllllllllllll Mr. Leiblong didn't appreciate the fact that some of his students were so disruptive plus he couldn't count on one of the teaching staff to be at their post to guard against such a thing!! He was dismissing the audience one class at a time--guess who was last!! Man! I dreaded that man coming up to our area in the bleachers!! He stormed, and I do mean stormed, up the stairs and over to us (we sat up about 10 rows close to Miss Smarts office) yelling all the way, "I cannot believe I have a class of students that would pull such a stunt!" (or words to that effect).

Anyway, we were amply awarded--2 weeks of detention staying after school until 4pm. I don't know what Mr. McClure's punishment was, but I'm sure he got one! And be sure that 2 weeks of detention wasn't all I got! When I had to tell my folks about the whole incident--I got 2 more weeks at the house! I never tried anything like that again!

The others in the class know who they are--I wouldn't dare mention names. Except MCCLURE


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