Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What I Remember

Janet Montgomery - I remember spending summer days at the public swimming pool, shopping at Goldsteins, going to the Skipper and later the Dairy Diner, pledge pins and the basement at the library, dancing in the big hall at the junior high, the football game on Thanksgiving Day (Forrest City always played Wynne) and eating lunch at Faupels. Will anybody admit going to the PI? Fraternities rented buses for formals in Memphis, and the girls worried about not being invited, or about being invited by the wrong boy. I loved growing up in Forrest City.

Anonymous said...
Hi Janet! I also remember spending summer days at the swimming pool--remember Tommy Smitts (sp), the lifeguard? And when Doyle Butts was lifeguard too?The dances in that huge hall at Sam Smith Jr. Hi. after ballgames. The game on Thanksgiving Day eluded me--I never had a date so I never got to see one. I wouldn't dare go by myself--all the girls had dates and their dates brought mums for them to wear on their winter coats. I never got a mum. The frat boys and sorority girls got to go to the formals in Memphis--I considered myself fortunate to have a date for the senior parties! And then I had to do the asking! I guess that's what I get by dating a guy in college--and one that always had his college parties to go to--he didn't have a free weekend or night to take me. I love the fact that I was fortunate enough to live in FC now--I just wish I had realized it then!
Wed Jul 19, 12:02:17 AM 2006

Anonymous said...
I remember going to town with Dian Baldwin and we would stay there all day. We would go from store to store calling home to tell them where we were. There were cheerleading practices with Cissy England, swimming in the creek that flowed under Forrest Street, kick-the-can, Cotillion (?) that was hosted by Mrs. Hodges, SPO's, Delts, DBS, FCCC, Clarence the shoe shine man, the Hot Tamale man, Cohen's Department Store and Shyrock's.
Sat Jul 22, 05:02:56 PM 2006


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