Friday, July 28, 2006

CLASS of 60

Anyone recognize this gent? Hint--he graduated in 1960 with you Butch! That's his wife and first born!

(That is Booger Montgomery, son Kent in his arms and wife Charlotte when they lived in Yankee Town)

Butch Class of 60: SPO Formal taken at the Peabody in about 1956. I'm not completely sure, but I think this is our 9th grade year. If so, it was my first date in life. My date was LaNan Hamilton. She shed the "La" later to become known simply as Nan. The second date in my life was the next year at the same dance with Gay Burke. I was a real lady's man back then. "A white sport coat and a pink carnation.." You might notice that I was wearing the only white sport coat in the room. It was a hand-me-down from my big brother, Charles.The people at the table are: (Left to Right) LaNan Hamilton, Butch Ford, Forrest Bogart, Patricia Sulcer, Sandra Woods, and Sid Fogg.

Ollie Warren Class of '60 & Claire Kenyon (Mr. & Mrs. now)

45th Reunion Pictures from Billy Lieblong
From Butch Ford: This was the 45th year reunion for the Class of 1960.We convened at the Red Apple Inn on Greers Ferry Lake in mid-February, 2005. All agreed that this was a perfect time and place for a reunion. It wasn't hot, the weather was great, there were no mosquitos, we all stayed in the same facility and the Red Apple Inn staff did an excellent job of making our reunion a success. As you might have noticed, some of these fine folks in the photos have changed a lot, others have survived rather well. I'll let you decide who belongs in which group. OK, here goes. I'm going to reveal the names of all those fine looking young people in the group shots. I'll use the maiden names for the girls for accuracy.

Front row/knealing: Patsy Pettus (she really doesn't like to be called Patsy anymore), Freddy Swan, Patricia Sulcer (married to the guy to her right), Mimi Butler, Cam Cameron, Butch Ford, Robert Padgett.
Second row: Robert Jones, Paula Light (married to the gentleman on her right), Charlotte Sulcer, Sue Gore, Maybelle Knust, Danny Harrelson, John Dudley Bridgforth.Third row: Jerry Shurgar, Larry Immel, Ronald Davidson, Doug Smith, Jack Oskowis, Booger Montgomery, Harris Hollingsworth.
Fourth row: John Threat (standing behind Shurgar), Walter Cox, Ted Huffstutler, Tommy Clark, Billy Lieblong.

GROUP PHOTO #2 - see names above.

Small Group shots in order: Ollie Warren and his new bride, Claire Kenyon. Next, Larry Gene Immel and Tommy Clark. Next, Ollie Warren & Claire Kenyon Warren, Dub Laws, Larry Immel, Billy Lieblong, Robert Padgett-- and last: Doug Smith and Butch Ford

Walter Ferguson said..Billy, I only wish Tommy could have been there. I remember all too well you and Tommy chasing the girls. What a pair! I also remember you coming to one of the SPO formals and doing the alligator! We had never seen that. COOL. I'm glad we're related. WF

Bogie: Hey Butch! I think the photos of the reunion are great--one question--isn't Claire Kenyon a member of the class of '62? I remember her in our class our sophomore year but after that, I lose her! Where did she go and where did she and Boone graduate? We were not close in high school--wish we had been--I know she's a lovely person--would like to invite her and all you guys of '60 and '61 to come see us next year at our 45th! Maybe we can do a triple-play weekend! I'll bring it up when we start our planning!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recognized Tommy Clark from Jonesboro and Billy Lieblong but that is all! Dora

Sat Jul 29, 06:53:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I think that is John Dudley too! I really liked the people in that grade and is coming back to me now who they were. I knew Tommy Clark because he and my brother in law were in business in later years. The Montgomery family was my second family and Booger was my hero! I would watch him box when I was a small child. I have seen Nan and Bobby in recent years but not Booger. Next time someone talks to him tell him Dora said hello and still loves him!

Sat Jul 29, 08:25:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Butch Ford said...

Dora, I talk to Booger regularly. As a result of our 2000 (actually 2001) Reunion, a bunch of us got back together again after over 30 years of no contact. Three couples, Booger and Charlotte Montgomery, Freddy and Patricia Sulcer Swan, and Butch and Linda Ford, have traveled together (New England, Las Vegas), trout fishing in Arkansas and fishing trips with our sons. We duck hunt often on Booger's duck club near Wynne. We will be together, with others from FC, on opening day of dove season Labor Day Weekend. I called Booger when I read your post about the Class of 60 photos. He said to send his love, too. Booger doesn't do computers.

Tue Aug 08, 08:25:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Butch, thanks for passing the message on for me!

Thu Aug 10, 08:13:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Bogie said...

Hey you guys, look at the photo of Claire and Ollie dancing back in the '60's and notice the girl in the background--facing the camera, glancing to her left--------look at her feet-------she's wearing tennis shoes!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!
Bogie says "Hi"!

Sat Sep 16, 07:34:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is Booger Montgomery, son Kent in his arms and wife Charlotte when they lived in Yankee Town

Sun Jan 07, 03:58:00 PM 2007  

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