Saturday, July 29, 2006

CLASS of Pre -1945

Mrs. Coffee's 2nd Grade Class

B.J. Class of '68: My dad sent me this picture when he heard about the blog. Can anyone guess the year? It looks like everyone was having a bad day in Mrs. Coffee’s class. Check out the list below to see the names. My aunt was Ruth Rowland in the back row, but there are several names missing from the list. Can anyone fill them in? By the way, I thought the school in the background was the old elementary school, but my dad says this school was closer to town on Rosser Street where the Baptist church is now. Click here to download picture.

Admin note: Henry Haven, Peach Fuzz Blogger Hank Haven's dad, is first boy kneeling, 2nd row left. Notice all the girls are in the back so they aren't on their knees or sitting!
Sula Class of '68: I'm guessing c. 1928-31?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

B, I love that. Gladyas Anderson is Judy and Eddie Ferguson's mother.

Sat Jul 29, 06:10:00 PM 2006  

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