Monday, July 17, 2006


Debbie Montgomery says...One of my most memorable moments at the Imperial was the night that "Sivad"(his name, Davis, spelled backwards) from Fantastic Features made an appearance. All I remember is that the auditorium was packed and Sivad came on stage and talked a little. It was a really big occasion!Does everyone remember Fantastic Features that would begin with Sivad riding on a hearse through a foggy cemetery(I think)? That gave me the creeps everytime!

Anonymous: Oh my gosh I haven't thought about Sivad in years...when was that?

Paul: the magic of google...

Jeannie says... I remember Sivad! I was very young but I can still remember the horses, the fog, and his, "Goooooddd Eeevvveennniinggg". I would bury my eyes in my daddy's chest so I wouldn't have to watch the whole thing and yet, I loved it!! Sat Jul 22, 05:07:59 PM 2006

Anonymous says... Jeannie, what year did you graduate? Just trying to figure out who you are.
Sun Jul 23, 01:05:21 PM 2006


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