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Hello fellow FCHS Students,

At the present time I am working on a project to list all the classes of FCHS Grads over the years, looking for old annuals to scan, and put online, like the 1957, and other information on the different Classes since FCHS was born like the class pictures taken by O'Dell for 1958 and 1959 online. You can mail to me, or scan for me and I will put them online. If you mail, I promise to return them to you!
See what I have so far at:
See 1957 Annual online at:
See at

For instance, does anyone know when it came into existence. The previous high school was known as the Crowley Ridge Institute, and was located on the present First Baptist Church property in Forrest City.

I love keeping up with all the submissions to the FC Blog.

Paul V. Isbell-Class of 1958
I love what you are doing, Paul. I have been working on writing a story for about a year now linking together some genealogical research and some tidbits from your work. I discovered how my family came to Forrest City. We had a Civil War Veteran ancestor from Virginia (an officer who went to VMI pre-war and survived Gettysburg) settle in the area not too long after the War ended. Several of his siblings joined him in the Forrest City area in the 1880's. The Hatchers (David, Ben, Belle, Ellen and 2 others ended up in the Jonesboro area). His half-sister was Belle Hatcher who married Judge Eugene Rolfe in F.C. I knew her as my much loved Aunt Nannie and she died well into her 90's when I was a kid. She talked about coming to Arkansas from Virginia on a stage coach after the War. It's been an amazing journey to start out with only that memory and be able to trace her family back to Virginia, to find a letter her mother wrote before the Civil War and before Nannie was even born-- and to end up tracing the arrivals to St. Francis county and following the trail to the present day. I'm not sure I could have done it without some of the work you are doing so I'm very grateful. Sula McAuley - Class of '68

Dec 31, 2008
Many thanks to Walter Cox, Fayetteville, Class of '60. for sending excerpts from this 1960 "Senior Edition" of ... (on which I proudly served '66- '68)


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