Sunday, September 03, 2006

Short-Shorts: Kenny Archer

Wow! My sister Mary (Archer) Wilson sent me a copy and I just loved it. I am Kenneth E. Archer (Kenny) and am a United Methodist pastor in Quitman, Texas. Please put me on the mailing list.

Also, Bogie, I guess my age is catching me. There I was sitting beside you at the Jr. Sr. Prom in 1962. You were a Sr. and I was a Jr. Now, the $64 question...who are you?...I don't recall you being Bogie, but then I don't go by "Kenny" any more.

Keep up the great work.

Now for a short story. About six or seven years ago I was driving from Houston up towards Lufkin, Texas. I was channel surfing the radio and then it happened. I began to hear play by play radio announcing of a Forrest City Mustangs football game. I almost wrecked my car! I believe the game was against Conway, Ar. The "Stangs" were winning. The reception was as clear as a Caldwell night sky for a few minutes and then it was gone. Talk about an attack of nostalgia! Go Mustangs!

For those who would like to contact me, please email

Ken E. Archer


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