Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Local Talent

.....We've heard them...and can verify it...they're real...Forrest City's version of the Beatles... a sharp-looking trio of local youngsters who produce musical sounds quite similar to the rocking, rolling rhytms of the famed group from England.
..... The local lads, who call themselves "The Esquires," performed for members of the local Rotary Club today at noon. The trio consists of Walter Ferguson, Talley Turk and "Pud" Eldridge...and they do a pretty creditable job of imitating the British boys...including the hair styles (beatle wigs) and facial expressions.
.....The boys are students at Forrest City schools, and whether it was actually planned this way, we can't say. But their appearance at the Rotary meeting followed a program of a more serious nature of last week. That program featured FCHS science and math instructor T.G. Bratton and he told the Rotarians some interesting facts pertaining to the latest methods in the teaching of higher mathematics.
.....Since today's program was obviously quite a change from the more serious one of last week, FCHS Superintendent Bill Irving, also a Rotarian, could not resist the temptation to stand before the group and exclaim:
....."Now let us hear from those who would argue that we don't offer a varied curriculum in the local school system."
..... No one challenged him.


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