Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Old Homes

Warren Home c. 1911 Izard & Hill Nicknamed the "Big House" (said BIGhouse), built c. 1906, was home and gathering place of many family members (Warren, Snyder, Rolfe, McAuley) and host to many social events over the years. 5 fireplaces, 2 stairways, 8 bedrooms, 8 baths, 2 kitchens, rose garden, peony garden, library, summer porch, servant house. Sold to National Bank of Ark & demolished c. 1964.
Bogart Home 1918 Fussell & Washington
Bogie: This photo was taken of the Bogart home about 1918. My Grandmother, Nellie Bogart was a "whiz-bang" in the flower garden! She always had the most beautiful flower gardens and set the pace for those around her. Actually, the home, built in 1915, was set in the country for a short time. It was just about this time of the century that FC started moving north away from the rr tracks. The home sat on the NE corner of Fussell and Washington. My dad, mom, sister and I moved into the home in 1955--I was in the 6th grade. We had moved here from Little Rock and I had never known about some of the things I was about to learn when we made that move! The telephone man came out to install the phone and was packing up-getting ready to leave when I called out to him and told him he wasn't finished!! He forgot to put the dial on the phone!! In LR, we always had dials on the sets! He explained to me that I was in a different city now and we do things different here. I thought I was ruined! No dial?? How was I going to call LR? I soon learned. Thank goodness, dial phones came in shortly after that! Only one of the many adventures of moving for me!


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