Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday Fuzz Buzz January 11, 2009

Rosemary Hargraves Cianciolo left a new comment on post "Hangouts: The Hargraves' Home":

It's so great to hear that folks remember my family. My dad was so very special. My Mom left Forrest City 7 years ago and moved to Hot Springs to be near my brother, Bobby. She had only been there a few months when Bobby suffered a heart attack and passed away. Mama is still there and is a very lovely, interesting 93 year old. My brother Jimmy is the only one of us left in FC. He's the EVP at First National Bank of Eastern Arkansas, married to Susan Pollard and is the father of two teenagers.Chi Chi is still in Washington and is still tiny, pretty and sophisicated. She worked in the Carter and Clinton administration and is still doing some work for the D.C. arts.I'm in Memphis with my husband Michael and our son Mark and daughter Carley. I'm a financial manager for Daimler (parent of Mercedes Benz) - - great company cars!
Really wonderful to get your post, Rosie.
Below is a continuation of generous contributions by Walter Cox who took the time to scan and share these articles in the Emissary. I had forgotten this fun and creative yearly tradition.Thanks so much.


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